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      About the Owner

      Greetings! I’m Athena, owner of TRIXSENT. 

      At the age of 33, I found myself longing to understand more about the world.  As a Canadian woman with African heritage, I wanted to explore other places and find out what the world had to offer. I was ready to embrace the unknown, so I decided to pack a bag and hike across Italy. Little did I know how much my journey would change and inspire me.

      I walked for weeks, alone. I found myself in an meditative state, for the first time truly seeing the beauty, color, and diversity in nature all around me. I felt empowered...balanced. The amazing Italian landscape surrounded me like a warm coat.

      My creative fires were ignited, and I wanted to share with the world. The result was TRIXSENT, a company and products inspired by nature, diverse and colorful. Beautiful pieces to surround the body, empowering you with inner peace.

      I can’t wait for you to experience the beauty, warmth, and care of TRIXSENT!


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      About the Company

      TRIXSENT is a Canadian beauty brand.

      TRIXSENT offers hi-end, luxurious, natural, cruelty-free and environment-friendly beauty products. We strive hard to utilize only the highest quality ingredients and most innovative technology in all our products.

      Being an eco-friendly brand we realize the significance of nature. Therefore, we try to protect the environment as much as we can.

      The TRIXSENT team cares deeply about your well-being—it’s our number one concern.  We pour dedication and love into all of our creations to empower your beauty and pride. More than that, our goal is to create a feeling of family, and we want to create a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with all our customers."