Athena - Trixsent Beauty Care


Athena Klee, CEO and Founder of TRIXSENTBeauty, is a visionary, self-made innovator and successful entrepreneur who hasled an unconventional life marked by unconventional choices.

Based in beautiful British Columbia withher family, Athena was born in French Guiana, immigrated to Quebec at ageeight, and is currently in Vancouver. This west coast city captivated her,further nurtured her entrepreneurial drive, and allowed her warrior spirit tosucceed.

Athena's journey to success has beencharacterized by resilience and determination. From a young age, she made aconscious decision about how she wanted her life to be and never gave up on herdreams, no matter how difficult things became. She believes in constantlearning and growth, striving for improvement and embracing discoveries madealong this journey.

Athena's passion for making positivechanges extends beyond her personal life. She currently sponsors 19 children inGuiana, demonstrating her commitment to helping others and making a differencein their lives. Her dedication to philanthropy and belief in the power ofgiving back has shaped her approach to business and influenced the values ofTRIXSENT Beauty.

TRIXSENT Beauty, a Canadian-based luxurybeauty brand, is the culmination of Athena's extensive experience and expertisein skincare. She designed her custom skincare formulas over ten years beforelaunching the company. The brand focuses on creating safe products for all skintypes and genders, committed to excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

Athena's vision for TRIXSENT Beauty goesbeyond traditional beauty standards. She conceives beauty as a luxurious,healthy lifestyle and plans to offer a wide range of organic goods, includingmakeup, skincare products, clothing, and accessories.

Each product in the TRIXSENT Beauty linesis meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and artisanship, reflectingAthena's belief that everything is energy and comes with a specific vibrationlevel. She aims to provide beauty and raise her clients' vibration levels,promoting a holistic approach to well-being.

In addition to her role as CEO of TRIXSENTBeauty, Athena is a multifaceted individual with a wide range of creative interests.She studied Haute Couture at the Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy inOttawa, attended the Visual College of Art & Design (VCAD) in Vancouver,and holds a diploma in Aromatherapy. Athena's desire for personal and spiritualgrowth drives her pursuit of additional artistic ventures, such as singing andwriting.

Athena's leadership and dedication arepoised to propel TRIXSENT Beauty to new heights of success. She is a leaderwith passion, vision, and a deep understanding of the luxury beauty industry.Athena values her customers' trust and strives to build long-lastingrelationships, ensuring each customer feels supported, inspired, and empoweredon their beauty journey. Her commitment to excellence, sustainability, andinnovation will redefine the luxury beauty industry and positively impactclients and the world around us all.

Beyond her business endeavours, Athena is arespected figure in the beauty community. She organizes engaging events,provides educational resources, and creates inspiring content that fosters asense of belonging and ignites creativity. Athena has created a communitythrough TRIXSENT Beauty where like-minded individuals can connect and sharetheir passion for beauty, self-care, and personal growth.

As a member of the International Society ofFemale Professionals, Athena Klee is dedicated to networking and collaboratingwith other professionals in her field. Her expertise, passion, and unwaveringcommitment to excellence will make her a true trailblazer in the luxury beautyindustry. With Athena at the helm, TRIXSENT Beauty inspires individuals toembrace their individuality, be unapologetically themselves, and radiateconfidence from within.